Week #13

Choice Poem Basketball When im sad I come to you for help You are my favorite sport My favorite thing to do on this earth Basketball


Have I improved I have improved in and out of school. I have improved on school work. And improved on stuff like basketball and other things out of school. I have improved on turning in school work on time. And turning in things that are late. I have also improved on doing what im told Read More…

Week #11 Poem # 3

Dear Future Self Dear future self I hope you are doing good I hope you have accomplished your goals Stayed out of trouble Kept yourself safe and healthy Did better in school than i am doing now Dear future self  i hope you are okay Ars Electronica via Compfight

Week #9

ANBerlin via Compfight My eyes are blue Blue like the night sky Blue like the water in the ocean They sparkle like the sun is always shining on them They glimmer in the light of day And are dark in the night sky  

Week #5 Culture and Family

I have a mom and dad and a brother. I am the youngest in my family. My brother is 15 and goes to thurston high. My mom is 44 and my dad is 50.                             Aaron Hawkins via Compfight

Week #8

Eduardo A. Ponce via Compfight Digital footprints. Everyone who has a phone or computer or some sort or electronic has one. Its all the stuff you have looked up on google or bing or whatever you search on. It can be good or bad depending on what you search up and everyone can see it Read More…

Week #7

Eric.Ray via Compfight Fruit is very essential to me. It gives me vitamins to keep me alive. And it gives me energy to stay active when i´m working. A lot of fruits also give you water and are very good for you. Fruit can help you concentrate on work because it gives you energy to Read More…

Week #6

  Guian Bolisay via Compfight Basketball shoes waiting to hit the court Waiting for their time….

Fourth of July

My favorite holiday is the 4th of July. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday because of all the lights and fireworks. I usually have friends over and some of my neighbors come and watch the fireworks. My family sets off a lot of fireworks and I set off most of them but my Read More…


This semester we have written some pretty good blogs as a class and as individuals. I have written ten blogs and they are for the most part pretty good. Even if they are not perfect they are pretty good as a whole. I have written blogs about school mostly but some about my life outside Read More…